The 2019

Epic Fantasy Fanatics

Readers Choice Awards


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Welcome to the EFFys!

It’s time for the 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Awards! If you read fantasy, you’re gonna LOVE this. 

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

Round 1: Authors will enter their books into this awards program. They’ll be fantasy books published after 2014.

We’re accepting 200 books (we’ll tell you when they enter, so you can check ’em out.)

YOU will get to nominate TWO books you love to win the Readers Choice Award. (Just two, and you can’t change your nomination, so pick carefully!)

Any book receiving 100 nominations will make it on to Round 2 and be eligible to win an EFFy! So, if you REALLY love a book, you can go drum up support for it to help it get more nominations!

Round 2: YOU (those of you who volunteer as judges) will read, rate, and review two books, which you’ll get free for your Kindle or other reading device. The top 16 rated books will make it to the Quarter Finals… and the best reviewers will be selected as Finalist Judges!

Round 3: YOU (well, eight of you) will get to read, judge, rate, and review the Quarter-finalist books… and the highest-rated books will win AWESOME stuff, including cash, a big fancy trophy, some great promotional tools for their books, and the right to tout their victory in the 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Awards!


And yes, we’re gonna have some GREAT prizes and giveaways for our readers… more on that soon.

We will soon have links to books you can nominate. Stay tuned! For now, read on and learn more, and thank you for being an EFFer! LONG LIVE THE GOATS!

-Sean Hinn, E.F.F. Founder and author of The Days of Ash and Fury.

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Read a few books. Make a little cash. Become internet famous.

NOTE: Authors and industry professionals are NOT eligible to be judges!

We’re going to be looking for a TON of judges come this summer. Their responsibility will be:

– Read,  rate, and review two fantasy books this July and August. (You’ll get those books for free! Woo-hoo, free books!) That will be our first round of judging, to determine Quarter-finalists. With the author’s consent, we’ll publish your review on the EFF website!

– We will select from the BEST reviewers to determine our Finalist Judges. We’ll be looking for the most thoughtful, well-written reviews.

– Eight judges will be selected to become our Finalist Judges. As a Finalist Judge, you get:

1. Your review is gonna be blasted ALL over the place, on social media, posted on author’s websites, on their book pages, etc. Winners of the EFFys are gonna be quite proud indeed to tout your review!

2. All books you judge will be made free for your Kindle or other reading device.

3. AND we’ll hook you up with a $100 Amazon Gift Card (or cash, if you prefer!)

That’s it. Get some free books, read and review them, and the best reviewers become internet-famous and get paid $100. Nothing most of you EFFers wouldn’t do anyways, right?

Interested? Please fill out this interest form, and we’ll be contacting you soon! 


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