A Demon’s Quest The Beginning of the End by Charles Carfagno Jr.

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Demons are emerging from the underworld to stake their claim on humanity. Battle lines are hastily drawn, ensnaring friends and foes in a fight for their lives. Unlikely heroes will emerge, some bravely volunteering to serve the cause, while others are forced into the fray. Torhan is of the latter. The human lad, accused of crimes he did not commit, must fight to clear his name. His journey is dangerous, fraught with possible death at every turn, but he is resourceful and skilled with a bladeā€¦but is it enough?


Award winning author, Charles Carfagno Jr. is a native of Pennsylvania. He’s been writing since 2003 and currently writes on nights and weekends, in addition to his successful day job in the IT field. He is also a practitioner of Western and Eastern Martial Artist for over twelve years and his skills in the arts, have allowed him to create so many memorable fight scenes throughout the series.

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