A Meddle of Wizards by Alexandra Rushe

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This book has received over 100 nominations for the 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Awards and is now eligible for Round 2!

Tags: Epic Fantasy, Dragons & Mythical Creatures


Raine Stewart is convinced she’ll die young and alone, the victim of a mysterious illness, until a man in a shabby cloak steps out of her library mirror and demands she help him defeat a bloodthirsty wizard. Sucked through a portal to Tandara, where magic and monsters are real, Raine flees the evil wizard on her trail. Her companions—a warrior, a wizard, a tenderhearted giant, and a prickly troll—are determined to protect her. And Raine may have powers of her own . . . if she lives long enough to learn how to use them.


Alexandra Rushe was born in South Alabama and grew up climbing trees, searching for sprites and fairies in the nearby woods, and dreaming of other worlds. Rushe developed a love of reading early on, and haunted the school and local libraries, devouring fairy tales, myths, and tales of adventure. In the seventh grade, she stumbled across a worn copy of The Hobbit, and was forever changed.

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