A Tribute at the Gates by CJ Aaron

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The Blood of the Ancients is the most coveted ingredient in Damaris for the fabled elixir it produces. This exceptionally rare ingredient is sourced from only one creature. Humans.

Everyone is tested. Those with the cursed blood are forced into slavery. They are tributes.

Ryl, a boy sold into slavery due to the Blood, was confined to The Stocks until his Harvest. The appearance of a mysterious stranger exposes a hidden past that changes everything.

What secrets does his blood contain?

His future. The tributes. All hang in the balance.

A change is coming. All that’s needed is a catalyst.


CJ Aaron is a fantasy author who relocated from the northeast to the nearly perpetual sauna of the third coast.

When he isn’t writing, he works as a jack of all trades in the digital world and spends time with his family, dogs, cats and ever-changing menagerie of foster animals.

Raised on a steady diet of fantasy and science fiction, he’s an avid reader, lover of movies, video games and pretending to be a musician.

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