Arcane (The Arinthian Line Book 1) by Sever Bronny

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This book has received over 100 nominations for the 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Awards and is now eligible for Round 2!

Tags:  Sword and Sorcery, Epic Fantasy


When a tyrant plunges the kingdom into chaos, three fourteen-year-old apprentice warlocks must learn to work together if they are to survive. A coming of age saga readers are comparing to Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, and Dragonriders of Pern. A tale of magic, ambition, betrayal . . . and compassion.


Sever Bronny is a full-time author living in British Columbia, Canada. He has written the epic coming-of-age series The Arinthian Line (Arcane, Riven, Valor, Clash, Legend), and is working through the follow-up series, Fury of a Rising Dragon (Burden’s Edge, Honor’s Price, Champion’s Wrath, the latter pair due in 2018)