Are you an author?

If you’re an epic fantasy author who would like to be featured on Epic Fantasy Fanatics (in the Facebook group and on this site) there are a few ways to go about it. We EFF authors take a “contribute first” approach to introducing our work to our readers, so please have a look below if you’re an author who’d like get in front of our group:

Option 1: Buy a spot in our EFF Bookstore

This is easy, quick, and cheap. For $20, you can buy a spot in our bookstore under the EFF Member Books tab, and it will stay up there forever. Yep, even down the road, when we have a gazzillion members. It won’t always be $20… as our membership grows and demand increases, that number will go up.

For your $20, you get a slot in the store, as well as a post in the EFF group announcing yourself as an EFF author. (Remember, you can’t self-promote in EFF, so don’t cheat… you’ll get yourself banned, and that would suck.) And the BEST part – we’ll spend your $20 advertising the group, so we can get more members!

If you want to buy a spot in the bookstore, email with a link to your book, and we’ll take a look. There is a vetting process, so not all books are approved, but it’s nowhere near as strict as the process to become an EFF Sponsoring Author.

Option 2: Write a book review!


Wanna be featured in EFF as a reviewer? Send us a review of your favorite Epic Fantasy tale! We’re looking for reviews that are:

  • Professionally written and original, posted nowhere else
  • 250 words or more
  • Spoilers are highly discouraged; any MUST be marked clearly
  • Books that you LIKE, not hatchet jobs! Stuff you would rate at least 4 stars.
  • Entertaining and eloquent!

If you’re an author but not an official sponsoring author yet, this is a great way to introduce yourself to our community. Every review we publish will be posted in the EFF group with credit to its writer, AND the review writer may include a link to their Amazon page or blog!

Send an email to if you’d like a review published on EFF, and let us know what you want to review (so we don’t have several people doing the same book.. that would suck). Please be patient if I don’t get back to you immediately; I’m not one of those guys that obsessively checks email!


Option 3: Become a EFF Sponsoring Author

***Note: we are currently not adding any new sponsoring authors for the time being, but please do let us know if you have interest and we will start dialogue with you once we’re opening it back up!***

All potential official Epic Fantasy Fanatics sponsoring authors are strictly vetted. Here’s the process to qualify:

1. You MUST have at least one published epic medieval fantasy book on Amazon. (Steampunk/urban/sci-fi/romantic fantasy/etc. is great, but not a fit for our group.)

2. It MUST have a minimum of 20 reviews with an average rating of at least 4.3 stars.

3. You must CURRENTLY be writing Epic Fantasy, with the intention of publishing more books in the future.

4. Your book MUST be professionally edited with a professional cover that fits the genre. Yes, we’re gonna ask for your editor’s name and contact info.

5. You must have an existing, verifiable platform to whom you can promote the EFF group. That means a mailing list and a significant presence on Facebook.

Those are the bare minimum qualifications to apply

Next, each application will be reviewed and voted on by our authors. If you don’t get accepted, it doesn’t necessarily mean your book wasn’t good enough… it just means that we selected another book, and we have a ton of folks applying.

As a sponsoring author, you’ll be expected to work hard alongside us to promote the group – and *we* will all work hard to promote you as well.

If you want to apply, email me at with a link to your book, and when we are ready to get you up on the block for consideration, we’ll let you know! It might take some time, so please be patient – there is already a bit of a list.


Why are we so strict in selecting our sponsoring authors?

Because it’s all about our members. We want every single book we suggest to exceed our readers’ expectations of what epic fantasy is all about. The enthusiasm of our readers is the single most important thing we have as a group, and we’d rather reject 100 applications in a row than lose one reader’s trust.