The 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Award is picking up steam quickly. We’re only a couple weeks in, and we’ve already got more than 50 book slots out of 200 reserved. No doubt, we’ll fill up… the Early Bird entry period lasts until 5/1, and we’ll still be taking entries through 6/30. (Fantasy authors… get in on it here if you have not already!)

We’ve also just made a MAJOR change to how we’ll be judging the EFFys. Every book that gets 100 reader nominations will now be read, rated, and reviewed by Epic Fantasy Fanatics readers… that’s gonna be a lot of books! So, we need a lot of judges.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Fill out the Judge Application here so we can learn about your fantasy reading preferences and make sure you are assigned a book you’ll want to read.
  2. Hang tight while entered books get officially “nominated”… that will happen between now and July.
  3. We will send you one or two ebooks to read, rate, and review… provided free for you by our authors! You’ll read the book or books and score them in five categories… Quality of Writing, Story and Plot, Character Development, World-Building, and Overall Enjoyability. You’ll then write a review and submit it, along with their score, via our website. If the author consents, we’ll post your review up on the EFF website for all to see!
  4. The top 16 books that get the best total scores will move on to our Quarter Finals, to be read and judged again.
  5. If we think your review was REALLY well-written and thoughtful, you might be selected to be one of our eight Finalist Judges! All finalist judges will be required to read two more books and will be paid $100! Your finalist reviews will be posted ALL over the place and remain up on the EFF website permanently… and you can bet the authors you’ve reviewed will be posting them in the editorial section of their book listings, too!

Get a free book or two! Make a little money! Become internet-famous (sorta, lol)! Be a part of this historic first annual EFFys competition! Apply to be a judge today… and THANK YOU!