Blade of Memories: Black Shadow #1

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Tags: Epic Fantasy, Young Adult

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When Lynn’s criminal employer shows up with a piece of her broken past, she will do anything to get it back. And as Iridan city’s foremost thief, ‘anything’ means an impossible heist.

But stealing magic crystals from one of the most regulated facilities in the world is only the start of her problems; which includes a team she doesn’t trust or like, a runaway with magic abilities, an ex who still makes her weak in the knees, and family drama that could change Lynn’s whole world.

Brimming with action, adventure and intrigue, readers will be gripped by this imaginative tale.


Tina Hunter is a Science Fiction and Fantasy author who writes for Young Adults. She’s been published in several anthologies, and her first novel-length work is Blade of Memories: Black Shadow 1. Tina currently lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, two boys, two dogs and a LOT of books.

So basically she is; a geek, a mother, a science fiction fan, and a super cool lady who loves to tell stories.

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