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New Release: Aaron Hodges’ Daughter of Fate

NYT Bestselling author Aaron Hodges has a whole mess of books out there in the fantasy and sci-fi universe, and he's just dropped another that EFFers should certainly lap up.  Daughter of Fate is the first book in a new series he's begun called The Knights of Alana,...

New Release: Alisha Klapheke’s The Fate of Dragons

USA Today Bestselling Author Alisha Klapheke has just published a new book, Fate of Dragons. Just from the cover I know I love the main character! First, archery! Second, there is a huge dragon behind her and she is still all business. And can we talk about that...

Be an EFFys judge! Get free books! And maybe some cash!

The 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Award is picking up steam quickly. We're only a couple weeks in, and we've already got more than 50 book slots out of 200 reserved. No doubt, we'll fill up... the Early Bird entry period lasts until 5/1, and we'll still be...

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