Call of the Dragonbonded by JD Hart

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Sixteen-year-old Conner Stonefield’s future could not be brighter. So when he receives the Calling and leaves home to find his lifelong animal bond, he is unprepared for the adventure that lies ahead—and the Cosmic “gift” he will receive. Meanwhile, the headstrong Princess Veressa, whose course in life also seems clear, demands secret training from her prudish yet powerful protector. She too receives the Calling and finds high adventure in pursuit of her bond. This is the first in a four-book series depicting an epic struggle in a landscape rich with mystery, camaraderie, philosophy, wit, magic, conspiracy, and murder.


JD Hart’s own fantasy adventure began when, during college, The Hobbit was literally dropped in his lap. With the turn of that book’s first page, he was forever bound to worlds of magic, dragons, and epic adventures. His debut series, The Dragonbonded Return, introduces readers to the distant lands of the Harmonics and the Anarchists, home to Shamans and Necromancers, Rangers and Assassins, Warriors and Barbarians, Sorcerers and Warlocks-and those who bond with dragons.