Daughter of Athena by Andrea Stehle

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Daughter of Athena is sci-fi mythology. Imagine a future planet controlled by the gods of ancient Greece. This epic tale is a blend of mythology, romance, fantasy and futuristic fiction. The fantasy world of Arcadia is a place filled with robots, Amazons, flying cars, dryads and of course meddling Olympian gods. It is a place where the human spirit struggles against the oppression of the Gods of Arcadia and one mortal dares to oppose two thousand years of Olympian tradition. Daughter of Athena was named the Best Science Fiction/Fantasy book for 2015 by the Texas Association of Authors.


This sci-fi mythology author lives in San Antonio, Texas and has taught Latin and mythology for over 30 years. Andrea continues to be a teacher by day and an author by night, because she loves sharing the world of Arcadia with others – especially students. She has three beautiful daughters who have each found a place in her Gods of Arcadia series. She currently serves on the Board of Governors of the American Classical League.