El Cartero: Noob for Life! by Zane Cray

Nomination badges earned:


What do a black spoon, magic tattoos and the Ultra-Speedy Courier Service have in common? Nothing really, at least not until letter courier Joe Cazenary makes contact with a demon lord while delivering his route on Monday morning. Hell hath no fury like demonspawn not given the right-of-way, and Joe soon finds out that in addition to actually doing his job for once, he must rise to the challenge of becoming the legendary hero El Cartero, delivering a Primary package of pain to Hell’s minions while saving humanity (or at least the customers in his zip code) from obliteration.


Zane Cray has been a City Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service for the last 17 years, touching the hearts and mailboxes of customers everywhere. Okay, maybe not the hearts and certainly not everywhere, but at least one of the customers on his route must like him a little, right? Anybody?
He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he is working on the second book in the Chronicles of TripleSquishyMadness.