Fall is in the air! Thanksgiving is a week away, the mosquitoes are freezing to death, the leaves are turning colors, and it’s time to start wearing a jacket. (Which was extra awesome for me, because I found $30 cash in the pocket of a jacket I haven’t worn since spring.)

We’ve also got a new release to share with you… Eric T. Knight’s 5th book in the Chaos and Retribution series is out, Shadow Hunted! For those of you who have not yet read Eric’s stuff, I suggest you start with his Immortality and Chaos series, which is in the same world but set in time before Chaos and Retribution. For those of you who have, I KNOW you’ve been salivating for this book. Go get it!  

A whole bunch of new giveaways are up now, too. We’re going to be adding new giveaways every Thursday and Sunday moving forward. You can access the giveaways via the Android App or via a link you get when you join our Facebook Messenger feed. Just click here if you’re not in the FB Messenger feed – you’ll only ever get two messages a week from us, but LOTS of freebies in those messages!

We’re gonna have some cool news coming soon and some EXTRA special stuff for the holidays next week, so make sure you catch our next post!