Flight of the Lionheart: The Dark Pilgrim by J.M. Cliff

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In the small town of Adanac, far away from the Empire and the tyrannical reign of Valde Vulnero, life for Gilaon and his townspeople continues simply. But everything is about to change. When his village is destroyed, Gilaon is pitched into a world more perilous than he could have imagined. Devastated, he finds himself traveling across the wilds of Andumon to unravel the secrets of his mother’s mysterious past and her involvement with an underground rebellion. In the company of Elementals and men, it isn’t long before Gilaon discovers that he may be the key piece to a revolutionary plot.


J.M. Cliff is the pseudonym for writing partners Chelsea Judy and Amanda Matula, who co-authored The Dark Pilgrim. Chelsea and Amanda were both born in California and share a love for all things epic fantasy. After having seen Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring in theatres, both were inspired to pen their own sweeping fantasy saga, and together they embarked upon writing The Dark Pilgrim, the first installment in the Flight of the Lionheart series.