What is Epic Fantasy Fanatics?

Epic Fantasy Fanatics (EFF) launched in the summer of 2017 as a Facebook group where fans of classic epic fantasy could discuss their favorites (or not so favorites!) There are lots of reader groups out there, and some rock – and some, sadly, don’t. The idea here was to start one that was fun, positive, spam-free, harassment-free, and focused specifically on epic fantasy written in a classic medieval setting.

What do you consider “epic”?

Epics are tales, or groups of tales, that (generally) aren’t contained between two book covers. Most are sprawling stories whose main arc encompasses several volumes – like The Lord of the Rings, or A Song of Ice and Fire. Others are individual stories that link together within the same world, but can be read as standalone books, like the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. But in all cases, they are grand in scope, including truly immersive world building and, typically, huge casts of characters.

Why do you focus only on medieval fantasy?

Mostly, because few other groups do! That’s kind of the idea… to have a place that’s specific in focus. There is a certain inherent magic about travelling back in time as one reads, to before the ages of gunpowder and industry and technology, and we hope to create a group where one can escape to that time and immserse onself in its simple beauty. That said, we all love a great urban, romantic, steampunk, or even sci-fi epic from time to time, and we do occasionally discuss them! But, for the most part, we’re all about wizards, knights, dragons, swords and sorceresses.

Who’s behind the curtain?

EFF was founded by author Sean Hinn, and has grown to include over a dozen other sponsoring epic fantasy authors. We hope to expand even more in the near future!

What are the group rules?

There are only a few:

1. Keep the focus on Epic Pre-industrial Fantasy.

2. Be nice. Don’t belittle others whose opinions differ from your own, and try to keep things positive. We’re not a place to whine about things we don’t like, we’re a place to share the things we do.

3. Never harass another member. Inappropriate PMs should be reported immediately to a moderator, and the offending member will be cast into the abyss.

4. We’re a reader’s group, not a writer’s group! There are SO many places to discuss your writing, but our group isn’t one of them. We’re a place to discuss books that exist, not books you are writing.

5. No spam, and no self-promotion! That includes the not-so-subtle “Oh and by the way I’m an author” posts. (Seriously, EVERYONE’s eyes roll when you do that. Honest.) If you want to become a sponsoring author or promote your books, we are happy to discuss it with you! But we are a very curated group… we don’t want to become one of those places where every other post is “Buy my book!”

This rocks. How can I support this endeavor?

The very best thing you could do would be to read a book from one of our sponsoring authors. You can see their stuff here.

The next best thing you could do would be to visit our bookstore and grab a copy of any other great Epic Fantasy book. We get a tiny little affiliate commission from Amazon when you do, and every little bit helps pay for hosting, group promotion and advertising, etc.