If a Dragon Cries by Gary J. Darby

Nomination badges earned:



An evil faerie who wants to rule. A mystical golden dragon could be the key. One man must embrace his destiny to save the world…

Hooper is the only ones who can keep evil from ruling Erdron. To save humanity he’ll need to put aside his hatred for the beasts that killed his family and protect the most prized dragon of all. As he fights his hatred of the creature, Hooper starts to question everything he’s ever learned…
Will Hooper be able to forge his own destiny or will he succumb to the power of the dark, murderous faerie?


Gary Darby grew up in San Antonio, Texas and started reading in the second grade when he discovered Robert Heinlein’s Farmer In The Sky in the school library.
A reader for all his life, he loves to find current authors who spin a great tale.
In recent times, his love of reading turned to a love of writing and hopefully along the journey the crazy story ideas he has in his head will turn into enjoyable literary fiction for you to read.