You spoke. We listened.

This is NO April Fool’s joke.. we’ve made a very exciting change to the judging rules for the Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Awards!

Several authors had offered concerns that the original judging process (whereby the books receiving the most nominations would make the Quarter-finals) would result in a sort of “popularity” contest where great books might not make the Quarter-finals simply because they did not have a lot of fans yet.

We listened to your concerns. The obvious solution is to have all nominated books be read and rated by judges, but where do we find that many judges? We were afraid to make that sort of commitment when we launched the EFFys, because if we couldn’t get the books read, we’d disappoint everyone.

Well, thanks to the EFF community… PROBLEM SOLVED.

First, we put the question to our authors… would you like that new judging process? The vote came back a unanimous “YES”, and all authors agreed to provide free copies of their books to our judges for consideration.

To our authors… THANK YOU!

But we still needed the judges… so we put the idea out to the Epic Fantasy Fanatics community, and we’ve now got over 100 applications from judges who have volunteered to read and review Nominated books!

To our EFFers…. THANK YOU!

How exciting! Now, all authors have to do is get 100 nominations (easy with a little effort – and yes, we’ll provide tips!) and you’re in Round 2! All Round 2 contestants will have their book read and reviewed at least once, hopefully twice, ensuring that:

1. You’ll get great feedback!

2. You’ll get reviews you can use in your marketing!

3. You’ll be judged based on your work rather than its popularity!

4. If you like your review, we’ll post it up on the Epic Fantasy Fanatics website permanently, along with a link to buy your book!

5. The Quarter-finalists will *truly* be chosen by real readers!

We’re committed to making the EFFys the best, most fair Readers Choice award in fantasy. We hope you’re pleased with the changes!

More news coming soon… stay tuned!


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