Indentured Magic by James A Eggebeen

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A tale to bring awareness to the plight of human trafficking in the modern world

A dark and disturbed wizard.

A disgraced sword mistress who has had to prove herself time and time again.

When magic and swords collide, swords always win.

Without her swords, Medea has to come to terms with her own magic or fall prey to the evil she hunts.

A gripping tale of horror and triumph.

Deeply moved and saddened by real life stories of human trafficking, James Eggebeen has created a work that shines the light on a very dark reality.


James A. Eggebeen, has published seven, novels since 2011. He began writing at a young age, but it was only after he was disillusioned by a college course in poetry that he switched to creative writing class and was bitten by the fiction bug and hasn’t looked back.

Born into a Dutch farming community in Wisconsin, James served in the Navy and then worked as an executive in the high-tech sector. It was when his wife spent three months abroad that he began to think about writing professionally

When he’s not immersed in worlds of swords and sorcery, James works from home as a programmer, something he says helps avoid the daily commute on clogged Californian roads.

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