Legends of the Longsword by J.W. Webb

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Metcenary, Corin an Fol returns from an aborted mission in Permio to discover a female assassin has taken his boss’s daughter and means to sell her into slavery. Corin is charged with getting Nalissa back before they lose track of her captor. What follows is a hectic chase over land and sea, as Corin fights to keep his job and the skin on his back. Meanwhile new enemies, treacherous allies, and a lethal shapeshifter all conspire to work against him.


J.W. Webb is a former British soldier and trucker who, after moving to the US, took up writing full time. He is the author of the Legends of Ansu fantasy series, comprising colourful, gritty tales with three-dimensional characters. The novels all feature unique beautiful sketches by a late Tolkien artist. Book 9: Wolves and Assassins will be on sale later this year.

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