Mother of Rebellion by BK Boes 

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Rebellion brews as nations struggle for power. Survival is pitted against compassion, duty against faith, and loyalties against love.

The Schism, a war that raged a thousand years ago, left the continent of Leyumin broken. Near constant war and destruction define the millennium afterward, but the heavens have promised reunifcation and with it peace. Now, two nations vie for dominance and the title of Unitor.

Five unlikely people will shape the things to come. Their decisions sow the beginnings of change, and the consequences they reap prove to be more than they’re prepared to handle.


B.K. Boes has been creating stories since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She always drifted toward the fantastical, though she loved most every genre that crossed her path. Now, she writes epic fantasy and science fantasy, transferring worlds and characters from her imagination to the page.

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