Myth of Power by R.T. Cole

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Tags: Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery


MYTH OF POWER, Book 2 in the REALM OF AREON pentalogy, continues the story of Rudimere Palidor as he seeks out allies in the war to come. While his journey takes him further south, the secrets of the fabled Mystics begin to emerge and threaten everything that the people of Areon hold dear.

At the same time, a civil war brews in the North, a quest for vengeance rages on, and West King Kelbain consolidates his forces before he attacks the ruling houses of Areon. Only time will tell if the powerful Sage can live up to the myth…


R.T. Cole is a fiction writer and the author of the REALM OF AREON series. His very first novel, GENESIS OF WAR, was nominated for a 2018 Author Academy Award and finished as a Top 10 Finalist.

Cole lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife and son, and is currently writing SHARDS OF THE SUN, Book 3 in the REALM OF AREON series.

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