FINALLY! Eric T. Knight is releasing the rest of his Chaos and Retribution series, beginning with Book 4 Chaos Trapped. Book 5 is available for pre-order, and #6 is to follow very shortly. For those of you who have not dug into Chaos and Retribution yet, you’ll be happy to know it’s a follow-on, same-world series as Eric’s internationally bestselling Immortality and Chaos series. 

Poisoned by the shadow creature Ilsith, Fen can no longer summon the power of Stone. When the Ankharan sorcerers falsely accuse him of treason, he is imprisoned, and now faces execution as a traitor. His only hope is if he can get through to the Fist and help him see what is really happening in his kingdom. But the Fist is corrupted by chaos power and he only listens to the sorcerers. Will Fen recover his power and get through to the man who is like a father to him, or will he die on the executioner’s block?

Chaos Trapped is on sale right now for a very limited-time price of 99 cents, and free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Go get it now!