Phate: The Cosmic Fairy Tale

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This book has received over 100 nominations for the 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Awards and is now eligible for Round 2!

Tags: Epic Fantasy, Young Adult


In the far distant future, in a forsaken galaxy of dying stars, the last great war between good and evil erupts when the Devil King of the Dark Forever attacks the mystical world of Phate. Plunged into a desperate battle, the dusk elf savior Drinwor Fang seeks the legendary Sunsword, which could vanquish evil forevermore. But as the struggle begins, Drinwor learns he’s being stalked by an even more despicable fiend than the Devil King. Enter Warloove, the Lord of the Dark Elves, who’s obsessed with stealing the sword, and thus fulfilling the mysterious aims of his alien master…


Born on Long Island, NY, Jason Alan spent his adolescence immersed in all things fantasy and science fiction. Thus, his passion for role-playing, books, movies, and video games inexorably led to him penning his own epic: Phate the Cosmic Fairytale. Currently residing in Cape Coral, Florida, Jason works as a mild-mannered graphic designer when not scribing his flights of fancy or bleedin’ his fingers on an electric guitar.

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