The Complete Rhenwars Saga: An Epic Fantasy Pentalogy by M.L. Spencer

Tags: Sword and Sorcery, Epic Fantasy


The Well of Tears was created to harness the power of the Netherworld to prevent a magical apocalypse. Now Darien Lauchlin is the last surviving mage capable of reversing the destruction the Well unleashed. Darien will be forced to sacrifice everything of himself and everyone around him—all to preserve a nation of people who despise him.

The Rhenwars Saga is a sprawling epic set in a morally gray world where there is no clear distinction between hero and villain.


ML Spencer lives in Southern California with  three children, two cats, and two guinea pigs. ML has been obsessed with fantasy ever since the days of childhood bedtime stories. ML grew up reading and writing fantasy fiction, playing MMORPG games, and living, as mom put it, “in your own worlds.” ML now spends each day working to bring those worlds into reality. ML loves to read and write grimdark fantasy because it probes the deep, dark questions of human nature and moral ethics.

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