Sands of the Fire God by Matthew Silvester

Nomination badges earned:

This book has received over 100 nominations for the 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Awards and is now eligible for Round 2!


Refugee’s of an intergalactic war find asylum on five long abandoned worlds in a remote corner of the Galaxy. Forced to forge new lives and civilisations without the aid of high technology, the refugee’s fight and war upon each other, reverting to Feudal states and the politics of Empires.
After millennia of isolation, the asylum worlds are discovered by a bloody Federation of the remnants of a thousand lost and broken civilisations, whose relentless lust for revenge against the Demons that devastated their worlds, eventually leads them to the Obsidian Gate, the sole link to the asylum worlds.


An Australian living in Africa after thirty years of global exploration and a thousand shitty jobs that paid the way. Life is good 🙂

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