Shadow of the Overlord by Kevin Potter

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A heroine no one knows they need. A reluctant warrior with a dark secret. A crumbling kingdom on the brink of war.

Taliesimon dreams of being the first female Dragoon warrior, but the commander and his lackeys will do anything to ensure she fails.

After ten years of running from his dark past, William’s life is falling apart.

As an unknown threat rises, a violent raid brings William and Taliesimon together in an uneasy alliance that seems bound to end in disaster.

With enemies on all sides, can they put their differences aside to save humanity from a brutal war?


An avid reader and prolific writer since elementary school, Kevin always knew he’d be an author. The idea for The Calamity, “Literally dropped in my lap while I was designing a fantasy roleplaying game,” he says. “And it took on a life of its own from there.” Currently, he is working hard to complete the next volume of the ongoing Calamity series. Kevin lives in Utah with his wife, two daughters, and several animals.

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