Shadow’s Hand by Noelle Nichols

Nomination badges earned


The Shadows morals are absolute.

At least, they used to be.

When a dangerous threat emerges, Kilo and Shenrae are called to serve. To find the truth and restore peace is the duty of a Shadow.

But this enemy controls an ancient magic, and no one knows its potential.

Is it as evil as those who wield it, or can it be used for good?

Faced with the burden of their duty, Kilo and Shenrae must gather the strength needed to defend those they love.

It is the duty of Shadow to protect, but is everyone worth saving?


Noelle Nichols is a fantasy author who writes for the sake of finding light in the world. As an avid dreamer, she enjoys exploring life’s mysteries and handing her character’s moral choices. When she’s not forging stories, she’s off on some adventure or playing with paint.

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