Skies of the Empire by Vincent E. M. Thorn

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The only things more terrifying than dragons are the attentions of the gods and the machinations of the Fae.
A simple trader, Cassidy Durant’s life is put at risk when she breaks one of the highest laws in the Empire and forms a pact with a Fae, promising protection for protection.
A reluctant mercenary, Zayne Balthine’s life is forfeit as he accepts his most dangerous job from his employer – a devout worshiper of the Desert Goddess. Failure will mean his death, but success will mean the deaths of countless others.


Born in Wyoming, Vincent currently lives in the metro-Atlanta area. He made the decision to become an author as a child and has practiced the craft ever since. He spent many years writing stories for various gaming groups and communities, but always with his larger goal in mind. Skies of the Empire is his debut novel.

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