If you’ve been hanging around in the Epic Fantasy Fanatics Facebook Group for very long, you’ve surely seen an inordinate number of goats in the group. A goat riding a dragon is in fact now our official mascot:

But how did this come to be, you might ask? Well, it’s a weird story, and it all started in this thread. Long-time E.F.F. member Fee Roberts asked about the original title of my book, Omens of Fury. It was originally titled Tahr, which is the name I gave to the world in which it is set, but unbeknownst to me at the time, a tahr is a Himalayan goat:


So, we got onto the topic of goats, thanks to our friend Gayreth Walden, and Facebook suggested a goat GIF. There are goat GIFs??? Yeah, turns out there are a ton of them.

Yes, Ken. And so it began.

Now, when anything cool happens in EFF, like when we get a lot of new members, or we have something fun to celebrate (or sometimes for no reason at all) we have a goat thread. But, as it turns out, we also have another tradition in E.F.F. – when people spam in the group, Smaug comes and eats them (well, he eats their posts… I am not sure one way or another whether he has actually eaten a member). And as you might imagine, Smaug also likes goats… but mostly because they are crunchy and good with ketchup.

So, in E.F.F., we’ve got fantasy books, Smaug, and goats.

Now you know.