Soul Render by T.L. BransonĀ 

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Will Sumner was a normal seventeen year old until the tyrant king of Aralith killed him.

But when an unknown magic preserves his soul, he is sent on a quest to find out what’s happening to him and to discover a way to end the oppressive ruler that sits of the throne.

Along the way, Will meets a sassy young woman whose motives are as mysterious as her character. Will doesn’t trust her, nor she him, but one thing is for certain: they need each other if they’re to survive the coming onslaught.


T.L. Branson is an author of YA and Epic Fantasy. His debut novel, Soul Render, is the first in a planned quartet. Branson started writing when he was eighteen but didn’t take it seriously until eleven years later. Born in Pennsylvania, he currently lives in California with his wife and two children.

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