Soulbound to a Dragon by Kurtis Eckstein

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Riella Akema is a Pantherian, the rare child of a human and Therian. Her father was an Elderfel, a cat-like humanoid that despises all other races, making her an abomination in their eyes. The only reason she’s still alive is because her mother sacrificed everything to buy her eighteen years of safety in the elves’ magically protected forest.

But now that time has come to an end.

She must face the outside world for the first time. Will her magic be enough to defend herself? Or will the Elderfel take her life and steal her soul along with it?


Kurtis Eckstein is a huge fan of coffee, books, and anime. He first started writing stories in high school, but didn’t get serious about it until over ten years later when he was working on his graduate degree. That’s when his interest in writing short-stories turned into a full-blown hobby. Now, with the recent publication of his sixth book, he is one step closer to creating a huge selection of stories for people to enjoy.

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