The 19th Bladesman by S.J. Hartland

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His duty is to die young, but fate has something more lethal in mind…
Kill. Die. That’s what a swordsman bonded to the ancient gods does. If Kaell breaks, the kingdom breaks with him. And prophecy says the 19th Bladesman will break…
As a vengeful god escapes his ancient prison and draws Kaell into his web of deception, even Kaell’s lord can’t protect him from the dark prophecy awaiting him—unless he’s prepared to do the unthinkable


S.J. Hartland is an emerging fantasy writer from the Darling Downs, Australia. She is a journalist and fencer who has spent too many holidays roaming around obscure castles. The 19th Bladesman is her first novel. The second in the series, The Last Seer King, will be released in May.

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