The Assembly of Thirteen by Omayra Velez

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In a world of beauty and natural magic, the avarice of one royal family subverts the order of rule with lies and trickery. They managed to destroy the Red trees and the magic that came with them. The fairies that cared for them turned insane or into walking demons. The Blue trees are next. The Blue trees birth the Companion that can dethrone the Emperor by starting the Assembly of the 13 magical beings. Two Companions must step forward to gather the ones with the power to save millions and find the one to stop the destruction to come.


Omayra VĂ©lez has been a scientist, researcher, teacher, Army Officer, but now she is retired and finally has the time to write. The years in the Army gave her the opportunity to travel around the world and gather the wonderful experiences she uses in her stories. For now, She lives in Florida, and she is enjoying the warm weather and the company of her family.

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