The Elemental Chronicles: Awakening

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The elements have chosen their champions; one by one the Vassals awaken to sway the fate of the world.
As legend of a forgotten enemy begins to sweep the land and unrest rises in the kingdom, Princess Alicea answers the call of a Vassal, abandoning her kingdom to unveil the secrets hidden from her. The Princess and a thief stand together against the darkness as they begin their search to unite the Vassals for the upcoming war.
These are the chronicles of those chosen to wield the elements.
This is their Awakening.


Ross Kingston is an avid fantasy fanatic residing in Sydney with his partner and their dog, Andy. With heavy interests in fantasy and gaming on multiple formats, he now gives back to the genre that provided him with so much joy over the years.
He does this while simultaneously ensuring Andy gets more airtime on social media than he ever will..

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