The Elemental Box Set by Toni Cox



Maia, Elf Princess of Grildor, has just returned home after a lengthy absence. Instead of a peaceful homecoming, she is suddenly thrust into a world where the very lives of her people depend on her finding her true elemental power within her.

Relying heavily on her dragon, Midnight, Maia must find a way to keep her people safe as Grildor is invaded by an enemy more terrible than they have ever had to fight before.
When a Death Elemental stalks Grildor, the people see it as a bad omen, thinking all to be lost. Can Maia turn the tide and fight an enemy more powerful than an army of Elves?


Ryan Kirk is an author and entrepreneur based out of Minnesota. He is the author of the Nightblade series of fantasy novels and the founder of Waterstone Media.

He was an English Teacher and non-profit executive before diving into writing full time in 2015.

When he isn’t writing, you can usually find him hiking through the woods or playing some disc golf on the local courses.

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