The Game Bird by Aidan R Walsh

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A leviathan from the deep is destroying the fleets that feed the nation. A sea captain drowning in debt resolves to kill the beast and claim the reward. A woman hiding a dark secret escapes to join the hunt, unaware she is pursued by a horrifying half-demon assassin.

The Game Bird is a swashbuckling adventure, set in a Regency world of sailing ships, sea monsters, romance, wild oceans and sword fights.

“Game Bird is one of those perfect stories where everything comes together. Every time I was forced to put it down… I was raring to get back to it.”


Aidan R Walsh is a prize winning fantasy author. Aidan has loved fantasy and science fiction for as long as he can remember. His tastes have broadened with age, but fantasy has remained deep in his blood. If a religion could convince Aidan that Middle Earth was heaven, he’d sign up immediately.

Aidan lives in Newcastle, Australia with his wife, three children, two dogs and a cat.

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