The Lord of Dreams by C.J. Brightley

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When a fairy king grants a human wish, there’s more at stake than dreams.

Claire Delaney has a good life, despite her adolescent angst. But she wants more. In a moment of frustration, she wishes to be “the hero.”

What she wants is to be the center of attention, but what she gets is a terrifying Fae king demanding she rescue an imprisoned fairy, facing fantastical dangers she could not have imagined.

Yet the dreams–and the rescue–are only the beginning. She is at the center of the king’s audacious gamble to end the war that rages in Faerie.


C. J. Brightley grew up in Georgia. After a career in national security, she turned her attention to writing. She lives with her husband and young children in Northern Virginia. She blogs at, where you can find sneak peeks of upcoming books, deleted scenes, background material, thoughts on writing, and books she enjoys.

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