The Obsidian Ascent : Emerald City Dragons – Book 1 by Wes Grandmont III

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Magical beasts are hunting Alley Ward, a college student with a deadly secret she’s kept hidden for years…
Alley Ward has a secret—the kind of secret that can level a city block. Her plan had always been simple: Complete her medical doctorate and find a permanent cure for her unstable “condition”. But things aren’t simple anymore. Now she’s being hunted by dangerous creatures that can hide among us.
Now there’s a new plan: Stay alive.
Will Alley survive long enough to unravel the truth behind her mysterious past and help prevent a war that threatens to destroy our world?


Wes Grandmont III is a writer, artist and game developer who is passionate about crafting immersive worlds for his readers. He writes action-packed fantasies with the mystery and pacing of espionage thrillers. A veteran of the game industry, Wes has worked on over twenty games, most recently as Lead Technical Art Director on Microsoft’s Halo 5 : Guardians, and Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima. His debut series, Emerald City Dragons, is set in the Pacific Northwest

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