The Prince by K. C. Herbel

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Arriving in Faerie, Billy confronts his fae blood, his own magic, and an enchantment his mother placed on him. But unraveling her spell throws Faerie into peril. To avert cataclysm, Billy needs a “spellbinder,” but doesn’t even know what that is!
In addition, he’s having visions of dead kingdoms and dying friends. War has come to Lyonesse, served by a wrathful prince sworn to avenge his brother. So, Billy returns to Lyonesse to save Myrredith, but can he save her and Faerie?
Meanwhile, Ergyfel prepares for Billy’s return. To keep his stolen throne, he summons demons from the ancient world.


K. C. spent his early adult life building Oscar-winning robotic monsters in Hollywood, but now commits such dastardly acts with a pen. He has traveled extensively; living, working and studying culture in Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Mexico, England and France, but America is home. He now lives hidden from his torch-bearing pursuers in the woods of Virginia, with his complex wife, pack of hungry dogs, and a monster.

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