The Return of Light by Madeline C.C. Harper

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Nine powerful families from ancient bloodlines rule the land of Vahalia, each of who wields a deadly ability and carries an even deadlier secret.

In order to survive, Brie Fyre must adapt to life in a dangerous game of power struggles, changing alliances, and the occasional bewitched vine trying to make you a snack.

With the High Lord hunting her to complete an ancient prophecy stemming back to the Age of the Gods, the girl must seek the help of the very people who dragged her to this world.


Born in New York, Madeline attended Fordham University, where she earned a B.A in Communications and Media Studies. It was during her time in college that she discovered her love of creative writing. However, it wasn’t until after graduating and embarking on a trip across Europe, where she walked the streets of Verona under Juliet’s balcony and drank coffee in Les Deux Magots, that she became inspired to write her first novel, The Return of Light.

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