The Sage, the Swordsman and the Scholars by Pierre Dimaculangan

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Tags: Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery


In the Ming Dynasty, a legendary swordsman and a political cabal of vigilantes known as Martial Scholars investigate the maritime arrival of a powerful and mysterious non-human race. After the grim truth about the foreigners was discovered, the swordsman and the Martial Scholars come to the aid of the emperor who mobilizes the imperial army to go to war. First he quells the Underworld where secret societies and rebel groups have risen against him. However, an enigmatic sage insists that the real battle is in fact a spiritual one and that victory lies only through following the will of Heaven.


Pierre Dimaculangan is a digital artist, designer, and indie author of an on-going historical fantasy series “Trials of the Middle Kingdom”. He’s an independent scholar of world history and Asian civilizations and is now pursuing a master’s in history. He trains martial arts, plays drums, reads books, and conquers video games. He illustrates and designs his own book covers.

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