Blood Guardian by Mindy Majors

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As a centuries-old cursed Atlantean god, Daire hunted the fallen Atlanteans who would kill those he was sworn to protect. His life was dangerous, but uncomplicated, until…
Symarah had it all, successful career, great friends. She led a peaceful life, until the day she found out that the gorgeous vampire god she’d been dreaming of was real. He had only made himself known to protect her from the soulless monster who threatens her very existence. Now she spends her nights escaping the relentless evil that stalks her, and longing for the forbidden touch of a man she cannot have.


Mindy Majors began writing her first published novel, The Surien Series, Blood Guardian, when she was sixteen. Her writing took on a darker tone after watching Salem’s Lot. When she’s not creating twisted plots, terrifying villains, and altruistic heroes, she likes playing video games, and singing along badly to her favorite songs. Miss Majors resides in sunny Sarasota with her fiancé, Mother and, of course, Master Jesse, who rules the house with an iron paw.

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