The Treasure of Capric by Brandon M. Wilborn

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Kurian Abramson entered training with the warrior monks of Capric Hill at seven. Every day of his youth swings between brutal combat training and quiet study of the Order’s religious teaching.

Now, almost a man, he vows to protect the Capric Treasure with his life.

But when a tyrannical noble razes the monastery, Kurian and two friends are set on a quest to retrieve their treasure.

The only lead points to an outlaw known as the King of the Caves.

Can Kurian restore the treasure? Or will his world fall under the prophetic curse of 1,000 years of darkness?


Brandon M. Wilborn is the debut author of The Treasure of Capric, the first book in The King of The Caves. His love of fantasy and his educational background inspire him to create stories of epic adventure that grapple with questions of life, faith, and our role in the drama of good and evil. After a wandering youth in a Navy family, he now lives happily with his wife and kids in Idaho.




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