The Wand Chronicles: Elfistra the Sorceress by Michael Ross

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A column of white light, a portal, appears deep within a forest.
It throws Hugo off his horse and he lies dazed on the forest floor.
Strange beings approach him as unusual sounding commands fill his head.
One of the beings points at him and a numbness spreads throughout his body.
The beings grab him underneath his arms and drag him back and into the portal.
Why has this portal appeared?
What does it all mean to Earth and its inhabitants?
What danger lies on the other side of the portal?


It was a clairvoyant that suggested I start writing. I did and haven’t looked back. I’ve hopped genres from comedy to award-winning non-fiction to my fav, which is epic fantasy.

Elfistra the Sorceress is book one in my trilogy.

I recently won the Independent Audiobook Awards held in Kansas City, in June 2019

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