Three of Swords by Michael Jason Brandt

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Peace catapults toward conflict when Emperor Eberhart abdicates just as the land most needs leadership. Royal families fight for the throne, heedless of a rising threat from abroad. Meanwhile an ancient, sinister presence looms in forgotten corners, awaiting the opportunity to reclaim a world it once enslaved…

Yet some stars shine brightest on the darkest nights. An unheralded prince places honor and conviction above privilege and prestige. A quiet soldier’s unwitnessed heroism saves a kingdom. A common servant boldly confronts the face of unnatural evil. And the unlikeliest of love blossoms in the midst of hatred and violence.


Michael Jason Brandt is a specialist in history and geopolitics. He studied International Relations in London and Washington, DC, and has worked in the United States and Europe. He currently lives in Maryland, and has been writing fiction since 2015.

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