To Make a King by Kristi L Cramer

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Tags: Young Adult, Sword and Sorcery


To Make a King is a Young Adult Fantasy in three parts.
Two friends discover the key to a mystery that, once unlocked, will change everything. Enemies they didn’t know they had unleash magical forces to make sure the secret never comes to light.
Dark magic undermines the Crown Prince’s succession. Before the sun sets on coronation day, brother will face brother and swords will be bared.
When the new king stumbles, an old enemy is quick to take advantage. The king’s jester must decide whether to back the usurper, or help the king choose to be a better man.


When Kristi isn’t riding her Harley or working her day job, you can find her hammering out exciting suspense stories, or chatting on social media.
Her strange and varied work history – hotel housekeeper, car wash attendant, insurance underwriter, electronics assembly line worker, data entry tech in auto parts warehouse, blueberry nursery shipping coordinator, local delivery driver, and truck driver – gives her a broad base from which to build her characters and storylines.


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