Trail of Pyres: Sundering the Gods Book Two by L. James Rice

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Murder came to the lords of the Silone Clans upon the Eve of Snows, and the survivors scattered to the sea in a desperate journey to safety. The people are desperate for peace, desperate for food and shelter to survive the coming winter. What they desire is to return victorious to their homeland, but their hope and refuge lies at the end of a path which will leave their dead burning behind them: The Trail of Pyres.


L. James Rice was born and raised in the Midwest of the United States. In his earlier days he studied English Literature at UNI, and screenwriting at UCLA. He has a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, the names and birthdays of whom he remembers most of the time. Plus, two dogs, three small goats, and a gosling he assumes will someday be a goose who lays non-golden eggs… stupid goose anyhow.

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