Wild Hunt by Erik Henry Vick

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Dragons, demons, gods… How much worse can one man’s quest get?
Hank fought to save his family and won the battle for control of the Rooms of Ruin, but both Hel and Luka escaped. Hot on Luka’s trail, Hank learns the true stakes of his struggle—stakes beyond the fate of his family, of Mithgarthr and Osgarthr.
Hank continues his quest, expanding his own abilities and knowledge, making new friends and allies…but also making new, even more powerful enemies. Can he hope to win this battle against ancient beings who hold the fate of the entire universe in their hands?


Erik Henry Vick is an author who happens to be disabled by an autoimmune disease (also known as his Personal Monster). He writes to hang on to the few remaining shreds of his sanity.
He lives in Western New York with his wife, Supergirl; their son; a Rottweiler named after a god of thunder; and two extremely psychotic cats. He fights his Personal Monster daily with humor, pain medicine, and funny T-shirts.

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