Zelspar and the Magicians by Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait

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There is a Balance in all things but what happens if the balance is tipped? An evil magic threatens Urthe when a Dark Magician named Flegmorr and his flaptail sidekick leave Inner Urthe to track down Zelspar and the Magicians. His aim? To steal the Book of Days and the title of Master Magician.

Meet the Teller of the Tales as she reads from an ancient book that holds stories of Dragons, magicians, wolf-gods, portals and so much more. What secret does she hold? Two stories, two timelines in one fantastic book.


Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait is a fantasy author. Her series is titled “The Legend of the Dragon Child.” The first book, of the same name, was released at the end of 2017. She followed up with Book 2 of the series, “The Legend: Revealed” at the end of 2018. “Zelspar and the Magicians” the third in the series, was recently released, Spring 2019. Look for a fall 2019 release of the fourth book, “Time of Awakening”.

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